Crowdsource great ideas, remove your innovation blockers & deliver more breakthrough change

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Crowdsource great ideas, remove your innovation blockers & deliver more breakthrough change

Free your Innovation process from blockage points

Many organisations experience frustration at the poor return from their innovation effort. To us, this points to an inefficient system – with predictable blockage points

smartcrowds’ integrated 7 Point IMPact Plan tackles the blockages with proven solutions.

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Engage. Innovate. Improve.



Get the whole business involved by promoting the campaigns and challenges that are most important to your organisational goals.  Encourage a culture of participation by ‘featuring’ the people who are contributing most effectively.  


Give your crowds the right tools to solve your organisational challenges. Re-enforce your goals and objectives, and use custom data input screens to source diverse yet focused solutions to your highest priority initiatives.   

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The best ideas need a platform to flourish.  smartcrowds unique social 'interface' delivers a collaborative environment in which your crowds can work together to develop initial ideas into great solutions and products.


Not all ideas are equal. Enable an open, objective evaluation by aligning idea assessment and decision making with organisation or campaign objectives, involving staff and colleagues in the assessment process.

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Ensure your great ideas become reality.  Assign actions to the most appropriate people and track progress that is being made towards completion.  Manage multiple related actions together, transforming plans for change into business outcomes.


Notify your crowds about new, improved processes and outcomes, keeping them informed with all supporting information within a structured, repeatable and fully searchable framework.


Encourage wider and more regular participation by sharing case studies of the lasting improvement that has been uncovered and implemented and that have had a positive and lasting effect.

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Non-validated ideas


slower income growth is experienced by companies that try to solve problems which don’t exist.

Validate Decisions & Plans

smartcrowds’ powerful Crowd Surveys & Sentiment Analysis provides all the insight you need to validate your plans for change, and meet the real needs of your customers and users 

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Implementation Inaction

3 out of 5

organisations regularly fail to implement the best ideas that come out of Ideation and R&D processes.

Turn Plans into Outcomes

smartcrowds’ Work Management tools bring business change to the forefront of the Innovation process, tracking and managing user actions and providing real-time visibility of task progress to all stakeholders.

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Repeat Mistakes


of Innovating organisations waste time & money by repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Learn, Improve & Repeat

smartcrowds’ Innovation Review tools help Innovation teams identify what went well and what went badly, building vital corporate memory and establishing an improved ‘Line in the Sand’ for future innovation projects.

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Gain advantage through community engagement

Harness important societal knowledge to widen your viewpoint. Use smartcrowds to reduce research costs, spread risks and bring innovations to market more quickly through Open Innovation. Gain competitive advantage by staying relevant to your customers needs and find a niche that makes your organisation uniquely valuable to the community.

Uncover Great Ideas from your Hidden Talent

Use smartcrowds to harness the collective intelligence of your organisation.  Give your people a powerful social platform for 'crowdsouring' ideas - comments, likes, ratings, notifications and leaderboards encourage cross-organisation participation and help develop the initial seeds of an idea into something great.

Increase productivity through Employee Voice

smartcrowds provides a user friendly platform for regular employee engagement. Build and promote efficient feedback channels for individual and collective voice, driving innovation, productivity and organisational improvement. Avoid emerging problems, increase employee commitment and tap into the creativity of individuals and teams.

Deliver better Products, Services and Processes

smartcrowds brings structure and depth to your product development process. Gather input from a wider and more diverse audience to discover vital product improvements and key USP's. Find new, better and faster ways to deliver your products and services. Solve supply chain challenges and uncover commercialisation opportunities.

Continually improve, manage change and transform your organisation

smartcrowds aligns improvement initiatives with the strategic objectives of your organisation, delivering consistent and repeatable Continuous Improvement programmes. Make decisions and plans based on the organisation's needs, and assign and track actions so that everyone can contribute to effective change and celebrate the successes - time and time again.

Reduce costs, drive profitability

Use smartcrowds to accelerate and maximise financial improvements. Identify and eradicate process waste. Uncover opportunities to reduce repeat operational issues that cause budget overruns. Deliver cost reductions and drive resource efficiencies that improve ROI.

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