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Idea Gathering & Selection

Use smartcrowds to harness the collective intelligence of your organisation. Manage the process of 'crowdsourced' ideas - comment on, evaluate and assess them to uncover the best ones to promote to plans. 

Employee Engagement & HR

smartcrowds provides a user friendly platform to ensure all members of an organisation are committed to its goals and business imperatives. Happy and productive people are more engaged about their work and are therefore motivated to contribute towards the 'bigger picture' of organisational success.

New Product Development & Commercialisation

Use smartcrowds to provide structure to your product development process. Gather input from your wider audience to solve supply chain challenges and uncover commercialisation opportunities.

Continuous Improvement & Change Management

Using smartcrowds brings a structured, consistent and repeatable process to your Continuous Improvement programmes.  Assign and track actions, making it easy for all members to contribute to effective change, time and time again.

Cost Saving & Financial Improvement Initiatives

Use smartcrowds to accelerate and maximise financial improvements. Identify repeat operational issues that cause budget overruns. Deliver cost reductions and drive process and resource efficiencies that improve ROI.


  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Enterprise
  • Technology
  • Banking & Financial Services

From ideation to transformation



Get the whole business involved by promoting the campaigns and challenges that are most important to your organisational goals.  Encourage a culture of participation by ‘featuring’ the people who are contributing most effectively.  


Give your crowds the right tools to solve your organisational challenges. Re-enforce your goals and objectives, and use custom data input screens to source diverse yet focused solutions to your highest priority initiatives.   

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The best ideas need a platform to flourish.  smartcrowds unique social 'interface' delivers a collaborative environment in which your crowds can work together to develop initial ideas into great solutions and products.


Not all ideas are equal. Enable an open, objective evaluation by aligning idea assessment and decision making with organisation or campaign objectives, involving staff and colleagues in the assessment process.

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Ensure your great ideas become reality.  Assign actions to the most appropriate people and track progress that is being made towards completion.  Manage multiple related actions together, transforming plans for change into business outcomes.


Notify your crowds about new, improved processes and outcomes, keeping them informed with all supporting information within a structured, repeatable and fully searchable framework.


Encourage wider and more regular participation by sharing case studies of the lasting improvement that has been uncovered and implemented and that have had a positive and lasting effect.

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Continuous innovation

Organisations with diverse innovation strategies are 55% more likely to improve their business imperatives.


Continuous improvement

Organisations with diverse innovation strategies are 75% more likely to develop new commercialisation opportunities.