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smartcrowds was born from a real-life need to learn and improve using feedback from others. 

Bridgeall is a successful UK IT Services organisation delivering custom software solutions for a range of clients. At an early point in the company’s growth, we adopted a ‘Project Learnings’ process across the workforce.  The philosophy was simple – the people at the coalface (our brilliant developers and project managers) knew better than anyone what had gone well, and conversely what had not gone so well, on completed software projects.
The goal of the Project Learnings process was to gain survey-based feedback on a number of targeted ‘end-of-project’ questions to discover the real truth about the project’s delivery – crucially with a focus on learning and not on blame.  Open and honest feedback would always help drive better future projects.
After a few years of sometimes painful manual data collation, feedback analysis, ‘lessons learned’ reporting, and (sometimes-too-often) plans and actions for change being stuffed in drawers and not delivering the improvement outcomes that were needed, the decision was taken to build a software system that would automate the process, transform Bridgeall’s Continuous Improvement approach, and drive better innovation and change through the company.  


And so, the first iteration of smartcrowds (with a less sexy name) became a regular feature in the Bridgeall Boardroom, stimulating lots of discussion on project deliveries, setting out the plans for change - always in line with Bridgeall’s strategic priorities, and tracking actions through to completion to ensure that clear outcomes were achieved that would improve the software development process for the benefit of the next project.
Roll on a few years, and the inevitable – after some scratching of heads, light bulb moments and a few pizzas along the way, smartcrowds evolved from a solution for driving innovation and change out of software project retrospectives, into an all-encompassing platform for engaging with the entire team on initiatives, challenges and campaigns of all shapes and sizes – from “Our New Meeting Room Name” and “Our 2017 Away Day Ideas”, to “4 Big Things” and “Staff Pulse”, helping Bridgeall and the smartcrowds team address its 360 Degree Challenge of Innovation.

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