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of the top ideas from R&D and Ideation programmes fail to materialise into meaningful business outcomes

smartcrowds is the only Innovation Management solution that addresses the 360˚ Challenge of Organisational Innovation, turning Great Ideas into Lasting Business Change time and time again.

Non-validated ideas


slower income growth is experienced by companies that try to solve problems which don’t exist.

Validate Decisions & Plans

smartcrowds’ powerful Crowd Surveys & Sentiment Analysis provides all the insight you need to validate your plans for change, and meet the real needs of your customers and users 

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Implementation Inaction

3 out of 5

organisations regularly fail to implement the best ideas that come out of Ideation and R&D processes.

Turn Plans into Outcomes

smartcrowds’ Work Management tools bring business change to the forefront of the Innovation process, tracking and managing user actions and providing real-time visibility of task progress to all stakeholders.

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Repeat Mistakes


of Innovating organisations waste time & money by repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Learn, Improve & Repeat

smartcrowds’ Innovation Review tools help Innovation teams identify what went well and what went badly, building vital corporate memory and establishing an improved ‘Line in the Sand’ for future innovation projects.

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