smartcrowds Innovation ecosystem

Our Innovation and Improvement Funnel gives you a visual understanding of the innovation process. Navigate through to find out how to unleash the potential of your organisation.


'smartcrowds' implementation begins with involving your own unique 'crowd'. Tell them why their input will make a difference and how it will be evaluated. Launch and invite them to your structured campaigns and challenges to help you develop new products, improve business processes and gather ideas for resolving challenging scenarios.


  • Launch Campaign and Challenges
  • Frame the challenge
  • Define the goal and success criteria
  • What outcomes are we going to deliver?
  • Why is my input valuable?
  • How will you assess my questions?


  • Goals & objectives
  • smartcrowds interface 
  • Gather submissions 
  • Priority initiatives


smartcrowds unique social 'interface' makes available a collaborative environment in which your crowds can develop initial ideas into viable solutions and products.


  • Social collaboration
  • Like and follow
  • Good ideas to great ideas
  • Work together
  • New solutions, products and processes


  • Open evaluation
  • Assessments and reviews
  • Comments and feedback
  • Alignment to objectives
  • Involvement


Ensure that planned change is managed effectively by tracking successful contributions through project plans and actions. Plan the next steps by assigning actions to the most relevant people.


  • Track successful contributions
  • Build project plans
  • Assign actions
  • Progress updates



  • Nofity stakeholders
  • Adopt new and improved processes
  • Launch new products
  • Competitive advantage
  • Better quality
  • Lessons learned


  • Share case studies
  • Celebrate success
  • Lasting improvement
  • Regular and wider participation

Innovation Culture & Behaviour

To truly embrace innovation, you must institutionalise the language, frameworks, practices and incentives from the top of the organisation down. So, before you start planting the seeds of ideas, make sure that you have an equally strong plan for dealing with the soil: the culture.

Key behaviours that can help you create an innovation culture:

Empower your Smart Crowds to get involved

Employees are often discouraged by immediate supervisors or managers creating roadblocks to suggestions. More 'yes' and less 'no' can give them the encouragement required to put innovation at the forefront of their mind. Promoting entrepreneurial spirit from the outset allows creativity and ideation to flow. Collaboration with management becomes seamless.

Understand your Innovation Strategy

Your approach to innovation often shapes the extent to which ideation and subsequent evaluation occurs within your organisation. Top-down, expert-driven strategies rely on a select group of individuals, typically key management, or are product-driven. A bottom-up strategy offers more organisation-wide inclusion and engages all levels of skill and knowledge. Often this is where the 'golden nuggets' of innovation are uncovered, as employees add value in areas where they have deep knowledge and a desire to get involved.

Incentivise and reward innovation

The effectiveness of rewards and incentives for innovative ideas has long been researched and has mixed opinions. Nevertheless, many organisations continue to reward good ideas and are reaping the rewards as a result. Clearly, a sapling idea which uncovers a large scale commercialisation opportunity should offer a better reward than a simple, but effective, business improvement change. Keep it simple and adopt a framework that motivates creativity

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