The 360° Challenge of Organisational Innovation

Enabling Sustainable, Continuous Innovation

The challenges involved in transforming an organisation that has the capability to innovate into an innovating organisation in today’s rapidly changing and highly connected digital world extend well beyond the suggestion boxes of the pre-millennium era.

A new approach is required, which takes a holistic, 360° view of the challenges involved and the disciplines that must be practised to ensure success.

smartcrowds is the only Innovation Management platform that solves the 360° Challenge of Organisational Innovation, with integrated solutions for each Innovation discipline.

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Addressing the 360° Challenge of Innovation

The Challenges of Innovation

Creating an environment that supports Sustainable and Continuous Innovation is a long-standing challenge faced by all organisations.  Recurring issues include:

  • Obtaining senior management buy-in
  • Promoting and driving cross company culture change
  • Understanding the key drivers for improvement
  • Creating an effective platform for engagement
  • Ensuring alignment of ideas with strategic priorities
  • Meeting the real, rather than perceived, needs of customers
  • Managing transition from ideation teams to BAU teams
  • Providing a platform that supports continuous learning

The Disciplines of Innovation

Failing to properly address each of these issues increases the risk that an organisation becomes stagnant and irrelevant to its customers, with up-to 90% of management backed ideas not fulfilling their true potential and leading to desired outcomes.

An end-to-end strategic approach is required, incorporating multi-disciplinary thinking across the following areas:

  • Staff & Customer Engagement
  • Idea Management
  • Idea Testing & Planning
  • Work and Project Management
  • Knowledge & Learning Management

Innovation Disciplines

Staff and Customer Engagement

Staff & Customer Engagement 

Learn how smartcrowds can help you grow & harness your community and its collective intelligence to gain vital competitive knowledge from the people who know your products and services best.


Idea Management

Idea Management 

Use smartcrowds to welcome, nurture & develop ideas, proposals & solutions to challenges from staff, customers and prospects.


Idea Testing and Planning

Idea Testing & Planning

Smart organisations use smartcrowds to gather and measure vital sentiment, opinion & feedback from current and prospective end users ahead of project budget spend.


Work and Project Management

Work & Project Management

smartcrowds makes it simple to track project tasks, actions and progress towards completion, and facilitate transition from ideation teams to implementation and BAU teams.


Knowledge and Learning Management

Knowledge & Learning Management

Learn and improve using smartcrowds' unique previous campaign 'look-backs', share new knowledge, and organise corporate memory that has been gained along the way.