Innovation explained

Innovation is the process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organisation.

We drive innovation and transformation

Value is often achieved by doing things better or finding a way to market a product or service in a way that connects with people.

The importance of the team

Team creativity is a key ingredient of the value creation process and is crucial to the continuing success of an organisation, especially when looking for a commercialisation breakthrough for new products and services.

Is there a 'best' way to innovate?

Having a framework for innovation at all levels of leadership is a starting point. Know your own unique 'crowds' and provide them with the tools to help meet your organisations priorities. The most innovative organisations - big and small - have an intimate relationship with and listen to the needs of their employees and end consumer. 


Noun: “the formation of ideas or concepts”

Ideation', creative thinking, conceptualising, brainstorming - call it what you will - is the unique thought cycle at the inception of any idea.

Idea formation is crucial to the innovation lifecycle and is where great new products and services are born.


Encourage everyone in your 'crowd' to become involved, as this will feed your innovation programme with crucial submissions to campaigns and challenges.

Innovation Ecosystem


Any Innovation Ecosystem is only as good as the insights it can deliver.  In a busy innovation environment, touch points are being created between the organisation and its staff all time - discussions, connections, inferences, likes and dislikes are all part of the bigger picture. 

Making sense of all of this information enables an innovation organisation to accelerate its improvement programme – eliminating staff engagement practices that are providing little value and focusing on ways of connecting everyone in the organisation which achieve better outcomes in shorter timescales.   

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