Your smartcrowds Customer Journey

Join us on the journey!

At smartcrowds, our team know first-hand how challenging it can be to introduce a new innovation programme and accompanying digital innovation and empowerment platform into an organisation. 

Our Customer Journey programme has been designed to make the transition as smooth as possible, and get you up and running with your first Innovation Challenge and Improvement Areas.  We'll help you deliver the quick wins that will get your whole organisation engaged and excited about how their contributions can make a difference – that’s what it's all about after all!

We’ve got an experienced team of Innovation Consultants, Customer Success Managers and System Support Assistants on hand to get you up and running as quickly you need us to go! 

Find out all you need to know about the smartcrowds Customer Journey programme below. 

Client Charter

Our team will do most of the heavy-lifting to get your subscription looking and working exactly the way you want it – but your support will be needed to keep the momentum up. 

Our Client Charter sets out a shared commitment to work together to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved as quickly as possible, without overburdening your organisation – we want to help you demonstrate that your decision to choose smartcrowds was the right one!

With our Client Charter, we work with you to agree:

  • Project Objectives: what do you want to achieve over the short, medium and long term?
  • Initial Innovation Challenges: what will be the first challenge(s), and who are the owners and champions?
  • Joint Success Metrics: what does success look like (for both of us!), and how will it be measured?
  • Commitments:  what are we committing to each other, and how will lack of momentum be addressed?
  • Plan: what do the first 3 and 6 months look like?

We view the Client Charter as a 2-way commitment between smartcrowds and you.  By working together, your smartcrowds journey has the highest likelihood of success.

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Organisational Data Gathering

To help us get you up and running, we need to find out as much as we can about how your organisation would like to use smartcrowds. 

smartcrowds takes an organisational design approach to workforce innovation and empowerment -  mapping your functional business units and cross-functional teams into crowds that align from the top of your organisation, right down to individual teams if appropriate.

But we’re careful that we don’t get ahead of ourselves!

Our recommended approach is evolutionary – starting small (but always with an eye on an evolving design), proving the concept in a limited number of priority areas, and building out from there.

We’ll help you identify handful of Innovation Challenge initiatives and Continuous Improvement areas, and configure your initial set up for these areas.   For each area, we’ll work with you to understand and configure:

  • How you plan to assess submitted ideas. We always aim to create alignment to existing organisational, business unit, or departmental strategic priorities.
  • How you plan to progress ideas, from shortlisting and decision making, to implementation projects. This will determine the out-of-the-box or custom workflows that you’ll need.
  • Which groups of users will be involved in each area, and what roles they will assume.
  • What messaging you want to use to help create excitement and a feeling of empowerment for your workforce.

Critically, we’ll help you plan your platform to ensure that the entire workforce see a clear line of sight between their efforts and the success of the  organisation.

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Beta Site Familiarisation

Once we’ve gathered your information, your dedicated CSM and the smartcrowds support team will get to work to prepare a draft/beta configuration for you.  Our team are adept at turning this around quickly, so we can normally get this to you within 7 days.

We’ll share your draft configuration with you via your initial system logins for a limited number of ‘admin’ users.

In Draft mode, you’ll get the opportunity to try out the configured Challenges and Improvement Areas to make sure they meet your needs.  If some changes are needed, we’ll show you how to make them, or if preferred, make the changes for you.

We can now move on to the exciting bit – training for your key Admin users.  This will cover all aspects of the system, putting you in control of anything you want to add, change or remove from your system.

We’ll be looking for your draft configuration sign-off at this point so that we can promote your system into production operation.

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Advanced User Training

smartcrowds has an extensive, powerful set of user roles, and we will work closely with you to ensure that the most appropriate people are chosen to manage each of them.

We’ll then deliver specific training sessions for each role, covering Crowd Creators (who can create and configure new crowds, and choose their  placement in the organisational hierarchy), Crowd Owners  (who can sets the look, feel and messaging of the Crowd, and manage configuration settings and crowd membership),  Group Creators  (who can add new challenges or improvement initiatives) to a Crowd,  Group Owners (who will manage existing challenges or improvement initiatives), and their settings including the assignment of assessors and moderators in a group. Assessors (who are responsible for evaluating ideas, recording an assessment of how well they align to the stated requirements of the crowd, challenge or improvement area) and Moderators - (who are responsible for initial scanning of ideas to determine suitability for publication for the wider crowd membership),

smartcrowds has a number of other roles, such as Team Lead and Team Member, and these will be covered in each of the above training sessions.

At the end of Advanced User Training, you will be ready to move to Launch!

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Launch Preparation

Careful planning of your organisational roll-out is crucial for onboarding your workforce in a manner that builds anticipation and excitement.

We will work with you to help you prepare clear guidance and messaging that you can distribute to your crowds - covering access to, and use of, the system, and on how their effective participation and contributions can have a significant impact on the future success of the organisation.

Where you need to roll-out to large numbers of users in scheduled launch tranches, we can help you prepare and upload user lists, and issue email invitations to a schedule that meets your needs.

All users have access to our easy to use online training material, but if you’d like some help with train-the-trainer additional training for your wider workforce, we’ll always be happy to help.    

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Launch Support & Whole Organisation Planning

After your launch to the wider organisation, you’re going to have questions and things you’d like changed.  Don’t worry – this is normal!

Our team will be ready to work with you closely, especially during the first 3 months of your subscription as you start get a feel for what works for your organisation.  We understand that every business is different, and our CSMs and Innovation Consultants will be in touch regularly to check that what we thought was going to work best for you at the outset is still right for your organisation – and if not, work with you to identify the necessary adjustments that will enable you to move forward with confidence.

We’ll also start to help you identify an appropriate route-map for ‘whole organisation’ roll-out.  Your initial launch is likely to have onboarded all employees into a galvanising innovation challenge, but whole-organisation roll-out tackles business unit, departmental, divisional and team empowerment – democratising innovation ownership across the business, but within a governance framework that ensures that all initiatives, and all shortlisted ideas, will always have a meaningful impact to the strategic priorities across your organisation.

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Monthly Reporting

Our CSM’s and Innovation Consultants have access to a series of internal performance dashboards that help us understand how you are progressing with your smartcrowds adoption.

We track statistics on system access, idea submissions, reactions, ratings & comments submitted by employees over time to help us understand engagement trends.

We also monitor statistics around innovation momentum trend – are you experiencing a speeding up of the innovation process, or are some barriers appearing that should be addressed.  We’ll help you get to the bottom of any momentum issues that we spot.

Equally important is innovation capability building. Our dashboards help us identify if some parts of your business seem to be struggling more with innovation concepts  and processes than others.  This can often be down to an innovation confidence issue, so where appropriate we will advise on best practice approaches for increasing capability in these areas.

We’ll share these, and other findings, with you in our regular monthly summary report, and engage with you to help you progress any actions that you agree should be taken.

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Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

The QBR is the formal opportunity to look at performance against objectives.  The Client Charter will have set out clear measures of performance that both the smartcrowds team and you, as the client, will be expecting your smartcrowds adoption to demonstrate. In the QBR we will clearly set out our view of the performance that has been achieved, for an open an honest discussion about things that needs to improve.  

As with everything in life, we live in a changing and volatile business environment and recognise that the QBR is not a static means of measurement.  At the QBR, our expectation is that some of your priorities will have changed, and these will be recorded, and objectives and measurements revised, to ensure that your future needs are always being met.

We see the QBR is a two-way meeting of minds.   Your preparation, participation and follow-through is equally as important as the efforts of the smartcrowds team, and by working together towards a common set of goals, your success can be an expected outcome.

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IMPact Programme

Complimentary to our Customer Journey, we can deliver additional value to your smartcrowds adoption via our smartcrowds IMPact Programme, which is a proven systems-based approach to innovation Management.

The method has been developed through experience, ideas and advice from leading innovation practitioners creating innovative products and service with thousands of hours and hundreds of projects in every industry sector.

The IMPact Programme integrates 20+ years of real-world learning into a blend of team coaching and smartcrowds platform configuration which injects pace, momentum, and excitement around your organisation’s innovation efforts.

As you emerge from your first 3 months of use, we’ll discuss with you in detail the benefits of the programme, how it would work within your organisation, and how to identify a suitable innovation challenge that the IMPact programme can super-charge.

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smartcrowds Customer: CONNECT

As you might expect(!), we recognise that innovation is a community enterprise, and that great things can happen if more people join the conversation.

Our  smartcrowds Customer: CONNECT programme has been designed to do just that – connect everyone in the smartcrowds community together for the benefit of all.

The programme enlists a small handful of people from your organisations as registered users of the smartcrowds teams’ own smartcrowds platform.  Once enlisted, you will have access to a number of dedicated crowds that connect you to us, us to you, and you to other smartcrowds users.

Using the programme, not only can you help us deliver better features and products and improve our services, but you can also learn from others – what’s really working for them – and share with others – what’s really working for you.

As part of a wider smartcrowds community, we can truly become “smart crowds” together!

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Find out how smartcrowds can be tailored to suit your organisation and kick-start your road to better engagement with your employees, customers, suppliers and partners.