How it Works

smartcrowds is a Cloud based Innovation Management solution that supports the 360 ̊ Innovation and Continuous Improvement Framework.

Smartcrowds Innovation Management

It provides a secure and private space to engage, encourage and capture innovation: moving beyond feedback and idea gathering to measurable testing, implementation and improvement.

A simple to install and customise platform, smartcrowds® helps companies engage with their crowds to collect insights, solutions and ideas in support of strategic innovation and improvement.

What makes smartcrowds unique is that it’s an end-to-end support system with integrated solutions optimising each step of the innovation process, meaning that everything, from the collection of ideas all the way through to data analysis and reporting is done within one efficient piece of software. The process is streamlined, built to produce results and nothing is lost along the way.

Foster Strategic Innovation

Smartcrowds unique social interface offers a user-friendly, collaborative environment where your crowds can work together to develop initial ideas into powerful solutions, new products and cost reductions against strategic objectives.


Engagement & Insight

Build and promote efficient feedback channels to harness the collective intelligence of your crowds to drive innovation, productivity and organisational improvement. Avoid emerging problems, discover solutions, uncover commercialisation opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.


Reduce Costs & Drive Profitability

Use smartcrowds to accelerate and maximise financial improvements. Identify and eradicate process waste. Uncover opportunities to reduce repeat operational issues that cause budget overruns. Deliver cost reductions and drive resource efficiencies that improve ROI.