Is smartcrowds customisable?

Yes. Each crowd that is set up has a large number of customisable elements as well. This includes assessment measures, email templates, custom capture forms, crowd microsites and survey forms, and a  range of settings such as moderation and anonymity. The terminology that is used can also be changed on a crowd-by-crowd basis, for example, ideas, suggestions, proposals or another submission label, and challenge, campaign, theme or another group label.


Can we brand the platform to suit our company needs?

Yes, the appearance of the system can be customised to ensure that the system is delivered to staff with a visual look and feel that will closely match the organisation’s own branding.


Is smartcrowds flexible?

Yes. We know that everyone works differently and we built smartcrowds to work flexibly in a way that suits your particular needs best. Whilst the system offers an optimal journey for getting the most out of Staff and Customer Engagement, Idea Management, Idea Testing and Planning, Work and Project Management, and Knowledge and Learning Management, any combination of these steps can be used to reach the desired outcome.


Can we plug smartcrowds into other IT Solutions?

smartcrowds has an OData API that can be used to send data to any system capable of receiving it. smartcrowds also has native support for Office 365 Authentication, enabling single sign on for organisations that use Office 365. smartcrowds also integrates with Bridgeall’s own PMO (Project Management Office) system.


Can smartcrowds link in with our site?

Yes. Our IT Services division can look at any additional integration requirements and in most cases will be able to meet your requirements to link in with your site or other IT systems.


Can we do public consultations with smartcrowds?

Yes. Public consultation takes the form of configurable surveys, which can be anonymous where required. All survey responses are stored in the system and available to assessors to drive the creation of plans, actions and outcomes.


Who owns our data in smartcrowds?

You do. Your data is entirely your own and can be made available to you as a download file at the end of the contract if required. We will remove your data from smartcrowds at the end of your contract with us.


Is our data secured in smartcrowds?

All of your data is stored in secure Microsoft Azure datacentres, which are operated to the highest levels of security. All of our operations are certified with ISO27001 for Information Security Management and are GDPR compliant.


Does smartcrowds work for smaller organisations?

Yes! smartcrowds works for any size of organisation seeking to engage better with its employees, customers & partners and capture their ideas and feedback to bring about innovation. Our price plan is super flexible and works for even the smallest of companies.


Is it possible to start with a small group of users initially and upgrade, as I need to?

Yep! smartcrowds makes it easy to define crowds of any size, from the whole organisation right down to departments, sections or teams, making it easy for all organisations to get started. At your annual renewal, we’ll review your subscription price based on our price bands for the current size of your organisation.


How do you charge for additional users?

Subscription pricing is based on bandings to ensure that the cost to you doesn’t change as individual employees join or leave the company during a year. At your annual renewal, we’ll review your subscription price based on our price bands for the current size of your organisation.


How long does set up take?

For most organisations, it is possible to have the platform configured within 5 days. This will enable the first crowd and campaign or challenge to be set up, along with an initial set of assessment measures for that crowd, any custom idea capture forms, and customisation of email templates and branding that your organisation requires. Once your configuration is ready to go we would recommend a short training session for key staff before launching the system to users across the organisation.


Do we need to have someone in-house dedicated to managing this platform?

No. Running smartcrowds does not need to become someone’s full-time job, however there are small roles of responsibility within the system, such as being a challenge moderator or admin, but these should be the kinds of things that your staff are doing already and smartcrowds should make their jobs easier, accelerating existing projects and processes.


Is there training for key staff?

Yes! Full training is included in your subscription price, covering all aspects of the platform with tops tips for maximising innovation opportunities. We can also provide additional training courses for multiple groups of users and different application roles for a minimal additional fee where required.


Do you provide training materials?

Yes! Clear easy to follow training guides are provided.


Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes! We offer ongoing support to help our clients for as long as they use smartcrowds. Our focus is helping you succeed with smartcrowds.