Amazon's innovation culture


In this piece via Innovation Excellence, Greg Satell describes Stephenie Landry’s development of Amazon’s ‘Prime Now’ product and the innovation process that her idea had to navigate before it was added to Amazon’s portfolio. Satell goes on to say that Amazon, Google, IBM & Apple all have differing approaches to innovation, suggesting that there is no single way to innovate and that the culture of innovation will be different for every organisation. There are two constants across all four of these innovation success stories however; 1) effective engagement with staff to ensure their full understanding of the challenge that has been set; and 2) embracing the individual culture of innovation and effective collaboration that supports the development of ideas.

This is reflected in the conversations the smartcrowds® team has with our customers; the organisations who see the fastest return on investment are those who have developed their innovation culture and have communicated this effectively to their employees before implementing a solution to support the culture. Using smartcrowds® collaboration & validation tools, our customers are able to collaborate with their employee and customer crowds to develop products and processes that differentiate their offering, no matter what their individual innovation culture.

Need help developing your individual innovation culture? Talk to us about our Innovation Management Framework (IMF), our consultancy led service designed to help you develop a culture of innovation. 

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