How to bring order to your innovation


Your initial idea is taking shape; the team have come together, contributed to your project outline, made valid suggestions and given their opinion - they’ve even turned up to the meeting you arranged and replied to your email - but what next?  

As you sit facing a notebook with your own scrambled writing, dozens of emails filled with varying thoughts and ‘must not forget’ messages whirring round your brain, it’s very easy to feel confused, overwhelmed and unsure of the best next step. 

It is most likely that you need to present your big idea to key decision makers, but what you see in front of you is a bit of a mess.  If you haven’t used the right tools to organise your idea thus far, you are in danger of falling foul of one of the many pitfalls that can occur when an innovation is not organised.  Here we outlay key steps you can take to avoid them, and bring order and a plan to the chaos of unorganised innovation. 

Innovating is just the beginning

Being clear and presenting your ideas in a coherent way is fundamental to ensuring senior buy in from decision makers and motivation within your team.   It might feel like cause for celebration that people came on board in the first instance, but now is the crucial time you need to be clear and concise to get success and move your initial idea into action. 

The importance of good project management cannot be understated.  According to IBM, a staggering ’54 percent of IT project failures can be attributed to project management, whereas only 3 percent are attributed to technical challenges.’ 

In order to bring your innovation to life, effective project management is a skill that you need to have nailed.  It can be learned, and as with many things in life, is generally much more successful if you are using the right tools to help.

Keep focused on the core of your idea 

When everyone’s input isn’t structured properly, it is very easy to fall foul of listening to the person that shouts the loudest - and missing some key input from quieter team members.  Defining clear project objectives from the start, among many other things, helps you to reference whether or not a contribution is as valuable as it first appears.  And enabling all of your colleagues to be heard on a level playing field is really fundamental to project success. 

Smartcrowds enables ideation – the creative process that includes the generation, organisation and communication of new ideas.  It does this by providing a place for you to manage your innovation from start to finish and enabling you to involve and engage the right crowd of people and then manage, report and evaluate as the project grows and evolves. 

It is at the forefront of innovation management, accessible and intuitive and enables everyone in your organisation to understand and get involved in any project. And importantly helps the project leader to stay on top of every aspect of work, no matter how many people are involved or how many aspects there are to manage.

How to ensure your project goes from mess to success. 

Our top four tips to ensuring you avoid innovation disaster and get your plan in place are: 

  1. Set clear and unmovable objectives - and get buy in from all parties.
  2. Produce a clear project plan and timeline - and share it with everyone involved.
  3. Communicate - talk to your colleagues and keep them up to date and listen to what they have to say.
  4. Take ownership - lead from the front and be clear of the direction you are going in.
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