London, the most attractive location for innovation


Not even Brexit can stop the innovation juggernaut that is London!

A new poll of 450 senior leaders from large companies, commissioned by the City of London Corporation, found that 37% thought that London is the best location for Global teams.

A highly diverse (40% of London’s workers are foreign nationals), well educated workforce is key, although, interestingly, having these individuals clustered together in a single location is seen as important.

Even with the increase in the use of technology, human interaction is still key and in this report David Ainsworth, president of the City Property Association said, “Across all sectors, companies are using data and new technologies to drive growth and productivity. This report shows that the rise of tech is, counter-intuitively, increasing demand for workspace that encourages human interaction.”

We at smartcrowds would echo this sentiment, employee and customer engagement are the drivers of true innovative change; although we would suggest that, collaboration can be achieved across geographically diverse teams, if they are supported by the right technologies. Read the report from London Loves Business.

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