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Surveys are a well-established method for gathering feedback from both internal and external stakeholders.  Tracing their roots to the industrial revolution when factory owners - who had previously relied on informants - engaged directly with ordinary people to report on their living and working conditions.  These early, but complex and detailed, questionnaires provided much needed feedback improving both business and personal circumstances for many.  Today, much of the same principles still exist as researchers seek to gain a better understanding of their respondents, whether that be simple market research or much more detailed information gathering for statistical or political analysis.

All good surveys depend on measured feedback.  The objective being to ensure the information gathered meets the original research purpose.  Sometimes this might result in multiple samplings, superfluous questions depending on the specifics of the audience and all the time being under the constant pressure of gathering information accurately and quickly.  In today’s fast-moving world time is often against us, especially if we miss the early indications of a problem.  Losing a customer or an order is only a click away, even more so when we fail to notice the sentiment of our audience.

The advent of the online survey has given researchers the opportunity to speed up the rate of information analysis and when coupled with lower costs and improved response rates the benefits can be significant.  However, the traditional survey whether it be delivered online or in a more traditional manner is still hamstrung with the principle of gathering a sufficient enough sample size, appropriate analysis and assessment before action can be taken.

smartcrowds®, the only cloud-based Innovation Management Platform that solves the Challenge of Organisational Innovation, has extended the benefits already available to its clients and prospects by adding a new Pulse module to its already extensive survey functionality. Pulse surveys allow organisations to capture and respond to instant feedback.  Using a graphical interface deployed in either a kiosk or web browser-based format, Pulse surveys support instant response alerting, avoiding those lost or missed opportunities to respond to the instant feedback being received.  When certain question thresholds are met, instant alert messages are issued to those who can take action.

smartcrowds® Pulse, a solution from Bridgeall, offers organisations an easy to use and easy to setup platform to gather the Pulse of the organisation or its customers on an ongoing basis. The solution allows for customised questions and simple icon-based answers (emoticons) created quickly and published instantly. Staff or customers respond anonymously using any end-user device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile) and receive immediate feedback of the survey results so far.

Near real-time measurement of engagement and satisfaction is delivered through an embedded and powerful analytics capability.  This enables the results to be custom-filtered and presented in highly-visual and attractive formats that are easily shared and enable corrective actions to be taken when necessary.

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