Seven smart solutions for innovation success


At smartcrowds we live for innovation and are passionate about delivering solutions that help you transform ideas into lasting change. The way the world does business is developing at rapid speed and in order to stay ahead of your competitors, your organisation needs to enable and encourage innovation. smartcrowds provides everything you need to the ideation process, validate your plans with customers, and track and manage tasks all the way to implementation.

Check out our seven steps for innovation success below.


smartcrowds lets you bring your innovation team together in a space where they will be engaged, and able to contribute in an open and collaborative manner. By running topical, focused campaigns with clear objectives, published deadlines, visible evaluation metrics and desired outcomes, staff are clear from the outset on how their contributions will help the organisation meet its campaign goals. Your campaign can involve organisation staff only, or be widened out to involve any third parties that need to be part of the conversation.


It’s long been said that to get the best out of your team, you need to provide the best quality tools. Providing your organisation with our innovative software allows them to focus on the innovation challenge at hand and lets you organise ideas in an effective manner. smartcrowds’ highly configurable capture forms keep idea submissions focused on the challenge at hand, and intuitive supporting functions limits duplication of effort, making time wasting a thing of the past.


Developing ideas takes time, collaboration, discussion and consideration. It’s a time when all voices need to be heard, and inspiration sought. smartcrowds social interface allows Ideas to develop and flourish, keeping all associated conversations in one place. With the ability to follow people or other groups of interests, smartcrowds keeps you on top of relevant parallel discussions and developments, providing further inspiration for your own area of expertise.


Objective evaluation is a critical element of a successful ideation process. With smartcrowds, evaluation is aligned to strategic priorities or campaign objectives, ensuring the right decisions are made for the right reasons. Instead of running multiple focus groups, questionnaires and discussions, use smartcrowds software to make it simple. Score ideas using a panel or customer surveys, track conversations and check the feel of the group through the reactions insights. Take evaluating to the next level and be inspired by what you learn.


Innovation doesn’t happen unless ideas are implemented, and making things happen takes strong and effective leadership. As Sheryl Sandberg said, ‘Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.’ But managing your team when absent can be tricky. Through smartcrowds, you can assign actions, track progress and keep on top of your own, and your teams tasks at the click of a button, letting your impact last even when you’re not around.


In smartcrowds, everyone involved gets notified and informed when the discussion moves on.  Keeping your team informed is vital to progressive innovation. Talking to Forbes magazine, Professor Leonard J Glick of Boston’s North Eastern University explains the importance and benefits of keeping everyone in the team informed: ‘Spreading the intel lets everyone in on the lay of the land and at the same time strengthens the feeling among workers that they are an important part of the organisation.

Intuitive functions keep the whole crowd up-to-date in a clear and simple way, empowering all members to give their best and embrace the innovation process, and find further information, in a clear and simple way, empowering them to give their best and embrace the innovation process.


Celebrating success is one of the most important things successful business leaders should take seriously. As well as popping the champagne or handing out the cakes - let your innovation team see how far they have come and what is possible through sharing case studies and success stories. Using the team leaderboards brings healthy competition to any project, allowing members to compete and be rewarded for their input.

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