smartcrowds® announces release of new Pulse features


Extending the already powerful sentiment-based Pulse “Response Sets” (Emoticons, Reactions, Yes/No), smartcrowds® is delighted to announce the general release of new Configurable Response Sets which give organisations an unlimited ability to connect in real-time with employees and customers using questions and response options that can be tailored for almost any situation or scenario.

Configurable Response Sets enable between 1 and 5 response options of any type to be presented to Pulse survey respondents, either at a Kiosk or on their own device (smartphone, tablet, PC) enabling a wider, richer set of data to be captured to better understand respondents needs & preferences.

In Pulse surveys, sentiment-based Response Sets are great for understanding the current mood or feeling of respondents – for example “Did we meet your expectations today?”.  Using scored Emoticons or Yes/No response options, an organisation can quickly determine whether their current performance level is acceptable or not.  However, they are not a useful tool for understanding real-time consumer preferences – “What was your favourite brand on your tasting tour today?”

This is where fully configurable Response Sets can add considerable extra value – for example, by presenting different brand labels on a kiosk when customers exit a visitor experience, an organisation can begin to experiment with different product offerings and gain valuable insight into current consumer needs and wants.  This in turn helps them better identify and react to live trends and create plans for change that are more closely aligned with what their customers really want.

Just as importantly, by seeking responses that help determine areas of poor performance and setting immediate alerts for management as soon as pre-configured response thresholds are reached for each option, smartcrowds® enables organisations to react to current issues in real-time and adjust the experience before the next set of customers arrive – for example “Where did our service most disappoint you today?” : Reception, Restaurant, Housekeeping, Leisure Facilities.

Information on its own however is seldom sufficient for improving an organisations’ processes, services or products - the ability to drive change using strategically-aligned impact assessment and change planning, along with assignment and tracking of corrective or improvement actions to ensure that the change does actually happen must always be key to the process. Like all smartcrowds® feedback channels, smartcrowds® configurable Pulse Response Sets are fully integrated into the system’s powerful change management process, providing managers with all of the tools they need to deliver more improved outcomes more of the time.

For more information on smartcrowds® Pulse and the new configurable Response Sets feature, contact us for a demo.

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