smartcrowds® explainer video released


90% of good ideas never leave the lips of those who have them. Why? Because they don’t believe the company will do anything with them. Yet recent research suggests that accessing all the ideas from the available talent pool, validating them with team collaboration against company objectives can contribute directly to the bottom line. Either through improved stakeholder satisfaction, reducing cost or creation of new revenue-generating products or services.

We faced the same challenges until we developed our latest cloud solution, smartcrowds®. A fully integrated ideation and innovation platform delivered as a service. We have one purpose at smartcrowds®. To help companies implement more ideas more of the time.

We are extremely proud of the benefits that smartcrowds is delivering to our customers including, helping them uncover ideas for process improvement, to gain competitive advantages and build new revenue streams

We have produced a short video explainer describing how they are achieving these benefits, we hope that you enjoy it.

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