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smartcrowds®, the only enterprise class cloud-based Innovation Management Platform that solves the challenge of organisational innovation, is working on bringing several new benefits to its users.  Bridgeall, the software company behind the platform - delivered as a subscription-based service - has been evaluating how it can harness machine learning and artificial intelligence with the principles of ideation and innovation management to rapidly identify great ideas.

The innovation platform was first delivered to a major UK train franchisee in 2016, and the company already counts several public and world leading commercial companies as customers.  With the new Sentiment Analysis feature - along with its Public and Pulse Survey capabilities - the company is anticipating several new major customer wins in the coming months as a result of these recent service enhancements.

“Our customers are already seeing significant cost-benefit advantages from having a single, subscription-based platform supporting their staff/customer engagement, idea and project management and knowledge base needs.” said Dave Kerr, CTO of Bridgeall, “However, we needed a way of surfacing the best ideas as quickly as possible and have turned to advanced machine learning tools to help us.”

Using machine learning classification algorithms applied to text submitted in support of user suggested ideas, the platform can determine the sentiment of the collaborative efforts of the entire user community.  The models are pre-trained with an extensive body of text and use a combination of techniques during analysis, including text processing, part-of-speech analysis, word placement and word associations to determine the overall sentiment of what is being suggested.

The smartcrowds® platform already supports idea rating, idea scoring, weighting and business measurement assessment to help managers identify the best ideas to implement.  With the introduction of its new machine learning features, customers will be able to have the machine pre-select the best course of action to take.

“The AI features are part of system configurations and can either be switched on or off.  Ultimately the users are always in control, but with some organisations submitting hundreds of ideas a week it is critical to use the power of the software to identify the best ideas as quickly as possible” continued Kerr.

The first version of this sophisticated analytics capability has already been enabled and is being applied to the smartcrowds® survey features.  When survey respondents submit their survey answers, the platform analyses the sentiment of the responses and helps guide the user to taking the best course of action as quickly as possible.  With customer and citizen sentiment being a critical part of the continuous feedback loop this near real time feedback can help avoid significant costs and missed opportunity.

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