Smooth the way to a workplace culture of collaboration


Everyone wants to encourage collaboration amongst their workforce, right? The act of working together to produce something - collaboration is a building block of successful businesses across the world. In fact, collaboration is crucial to an idea coming to life, and according to Forbes Magazine, a recent study stated that those encouraged to work collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64% longer than solo workers.

But in a time pressured work environment, where emails and meetings rule the working day, encouraging your staff to share new ideas and work together to bring them to life can be a real challenge. 

The right method

The beginning of the collaboration process is a key turning point in the lifecycle of an idea - it’s the make or break moment. A talented team member who pitches an idea to an uninterested room could be disheartened enough to forget the whole thing. An idea that gets off the ground with a few interested team members, can soon lose direction and focus when someone is missed off an important email.

When encouraging people to work together, the method of collaboration used can result in a variety of outcomes. Some personalities thrive in a group brainstorming session, while others clam up. Certain team members relish writing long, detailed emails explaining their bright new idea - while their colleagues leave it unread for weeks, never quite finding the right time to give it the attention it craves.

Successful organisations find ways to encourage all staff, regardless of personality or preference, to make innovation and collaboration a part of daily work life - and you can too. 

Organise to thrive

Getting others involved is the first hurdle, and if the project gets underway, it can fall flat pretty fast unless excellent organisation is employed from the beginning. Ensuring everyone is up to speed with changes, has a chance to input and give their opinion, as well as keep on top of their actions and deadlines - are just some of the factors that have to be taken care of in order to result in success.

The right tools

Across the world, boardrooms are being replaced with huddle spots, and emails with instant messenger. At smartcrowds, we are at the forefront of collaborative software and our driving motivation is to enable innovation in organisations. Our state of the art innovation enabling software gives you the power to make effective collaboration a daily reality in your workplace. We give you the tools that let staff organise their ideas, collect feedback, upload documents, share opinions, track actions, monitor outcomes and much more.

Your organisation is a hive of new ideas, so why not let them come to the surface? If you would like to find out more about how smartcrowds can help transform your business culture for the better get in touch and have a chat with one of the team.

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