Why you need ideation teams and how to make them work


Creativity can be messy - and that’s ok.  The process of ideation (the formation of ideas or concepts) by its very nature cannot be completely linear and organised.  It needs room to grow and branch off in various directions in order to be shaped by the team who will be involved in implementing it.

But to allow a smooth ideation process, and to successfully bring a team together to work on an innovation theme, challenge or campaign; organisation and management needs to come into play.  Having the ability to do this without interrupting or derailing the creative process is something skilled leaders know how to do. 

Idea management requires a specific set of elements to be captured, namely idea generation, feedback and development.  Smartcrowds offers intuitive software that makes this process easy and effective - resulting in successful innovation implementation time and again.

Why innovate at all?

Why is innovation so important?  To put it plainly, according to Customer Think, a survey by innovative research firm, Lab42, reveals customers are willing to pay more for innovative goods and services.  Your customers are looking to you to create new products and processes, and they are willing to validate those innovations through their own hard earned cash.

Look at what happens when ideation is not at the core of an organisation.  Retail giant Toys ‘R’ Us’ have finally succumbed to its digital competitors and announced closure - but why? Opinion seems to point to a lack of innovation, coupled with some bad planning.  They simply didn’t innovate to allow them to provide serious competition to the online companies like Amazon.  Without prioritising ideation, they effectively forced their customers to go to competitors where they enjoyed savings and convenience from the online retail world.   This lack of action has eventually led to the 120 year old company to go into administration. 

Forbes reported that only 3% of retailers have embraced digital transformation and as such we can sadly expect to see many more high street heroes follow in Toys ‘R’ Us’ footsteps.

It is clear that prioritising ideation as a key business area is vital to success and growth.  However, just knowing it needs to be done doesn’t mean it happens well.  Look at New Coke or the Amazon Phone - both great ideas, that didn’t take off.  Something went wrong in those ideation processes that led to companies innovating and launching the wrong products for their markets at that time.

How to avoid innovation failure

Whilst there is never a guarantee your innovation will be a roaring success, there are steps you can take to make sure that it doesn’t fail because of simple, avoidable error. 

As discussed, idea management is the process of enabling idea creation, feedback, change and development - in an organised and effective way.  Using software like the packages Smartcrowds provides sets you ahead of your competitors by ensuring you can manage every aspect of your ideation process at once.  Your team will know how to contribute, what their responsibilities are and they will never miss a deadline or milestone.  You will know that you are providing each team member with the best tools on the market, and allowing them to put all of their energy and time into the ideation process - safe in the knowledge that Smartcrowds is taking care of the rest. 

Give us a call to find out more about our software and how it can help your business take the next step into innovation.

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