Why you need to introduce innovation software into your organisation


Innovation is at the heart of any successful business. Small innovations lead to big leaps in productivity, sales, or brand awareness.  As Forbes Magazine simply states: ‘When a company has an innovative culture, it'll grow easily, despite the fact that the creative process isn't always simple.’   It’s not an easy process so to ensure your organisation gets it right, read on to see the reasons why you need to use ideation management software.

It’s for thinking small, not just thinking big

Regardless of the nature of your organisation and the products you create or services you deliver - you can be sure that creating an innovate culture will result in positive growth in your business. 

You may not be a Starbucks or Google, and your team may be focussed on small details rather than big changes - but innovation occurs at all levels, and it’s often at the heart of an organisation's process that change can be most valuable.

CIO Magazine confirms that it’s not only the big, headline grabbing making innovations that lead companies into success - the smaller less obvious ideas often end up being the most game-changing, ground-breaking innovations of all.3  They cite the mobile phone as a great example - the clunky, un-intuitive early models weren’t of much interest to the general public, until slowly but surely they turned into the must have gadget of the 21stcentury. 

The Harvard Business Review agrees, encouraging organisations to take the pressure off teams to come up with the next big thing, and instead focus on the next small thing, which is fundamental to improving organisation's productivity, creativity and growth.4 

Introducing software to make the ideation process accessible and easy means you are opening up the prospect of innovation to every single person in your organisation.   Empowering every team member with the ability to innovate through the creation of ideas, specific to their line of work, will give your organisation the leading edge in future proofing and innovation.

Open up your world and influence and communicate - any time, anywhere

Communication throughout the ideation process is absolutely crucial to ensure things run smoothly and a positive outcome is reached at the end. Leaders have a responsibility to ensure that this communication can take place at all levels and in all directions. 

In fact, Forbes Magazine states one of the key elements to successful team work is the leader being able to ‘communicate on all levels: one on one, to the department and to the entire staff, as well as via phone, email and social media.’5

We know that fractured methods of communication can quickly lead to confusion and breakdown.  Introducing innovation management software like smartcrowds allows you to enable your innovation teams to communicate in a sustainable way on a manageable and intuitive platform. 

Make your culture innovative and reap the rewards on the bottom line

How innovative an organisation is, is highly dependent on its culture.  If innovation is the way of office life, then those that may not have seen themselves as natural innovators will change the way they perceive themselves and the opportunities they have to influence the wider organisation’s future. As Forbes Magazine explains, innovation ‘is a group activity and is definitely a teachable skill.’6   But this teaching can only really take place when the culture allows it.  More reluctant team members, or those who lack confidence, can flourish into confident innovators when the right conditions exist.  Providing software that makes collaboration on innovation projects second nature creates a culture of idea creation and allows everyone to contribute and be a part of that.

If you want to learn more about smartcrowds ideation management software, have a look at the seven waysit will help you streamline your innovation process.  And get in touch with one of the team today to find out more.

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