Idea Management

Idea Management

Welcome and nurture ideas and proposals from staff, customers and prospects, and select top ideas with confidence using scoring that's aligned with corporate strategy

Untapped talent

They say the best ideas come from the coal-face, yet many organisations continue to drive change from the top, leaving the best ideas hidden In untapped, latent talent

Whether via staff or 'Open' community engagement, smartcrowds provides your audience with a platform and voice in the Innovation process - keeping you relevant to your customers needs


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Informative Campaigns & Challenges

Any new 'smartcrowds' initiative begins by involving your own unique 'crowd’.

Let them know how their input will be evaluated and why it will help the organisation achieve its key objectives. 

'Feature' high priority campaigns to resolve challenging scenarios and set deadline dates to boost momentum in the innovation process.

Launch your campaigns with a positive announcement that encourages participation and give users the required campaign information and contacts to ensure success.


Intuitive Idea Sourcing

Use our intuitive user interface to source diverse submissions to focused challenges and campaigns from your unique Smart Crowds.

Give users the tools to submit ideas that will make a difference using customised data entry forms to collect targeted information for a complex challenge. 'Find similar' and 'recently added' functions minimise duplicated effort and powerful tagging helps users find information easily.

Keep it in-house using staff-only challenges or reach out to your customers, suppliers and other 3rd parties to widen your campaign input.


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Social & Collaborative Features

smartcrowds powerful 'social' interface provides a collaborative environment in which your crowds can work together to develop and nurture initial ideas into viable solutions and products. 

Stay abreast of latest activity by following people, groups or submissions that interest you most, and use the powerful notification functions to alert you to active conversations and events in your keenest interest areas

Quickly spot what's trending through likes, ratings, and featured groups and submissions.


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Objective Evaluation Processes

Not all ideas are equal, but all ideas deserve equal consideration.

Enable a platform for objective evaluation by aligning decision making with campaign objectives and organisational priorities.

Involve colleagues in the conversation to enable an honest, open evaluation. Track discussion 'reactions' to identify and develop promising and talented resource.

Assess ideas using dedicated experts or open the process to a panel for idea scoring using custom survey forms.


Meaningful Scoring Metrics

Let the most valuable ideas ripple to the top using meaningful scoring metrics that are aligned to campaign and organisational priorities.

Mix things up by scoring on a combination of weighted measures, including reactions, star ratings, expert evaluations and panel feedback scores. 

Involve your customers and users in the scoring process, to get the best possible indication of the future success of your top ideas.

Promote the winning ideas into fully developed proposals and inform your crowds of the resulting plans for change.