Idea Testing & Planning

Idea Testing and Planning

Build certainty & confidence into your idea validation & selection process

Rapid, efficient idea exploration & validation

A staggering 3 X slower income growth is experienced by organisations that fail to validate their ideation plans, and try to solve problems that don’t exist

smartcrowds powerful, collaborative idea exploration processes increase innovation confidence and minimise cost using rapid 'Plan-Do-Study-Act' validation cycles to eliminate the largest threats first


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Get the right feedback, at the right time

Connect with the exact groups of people that are best placed to validate your idea. 

smartcrowds makes it easy to build one or more validation groups - from small expert teams through to public feedback channels -  to help you validate your idea quickly and efficiently. 

Connect with your customers, your engineering team, finance department or patent experts to quickly establish the feasibility of taking your idea on to the implementation stage.


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Validate your theory with proven process

smartcrowds facilitates an idea validation process that tackles the biggest threats first, reaching a Go or No-Go decision at reduced cost and with greater confidence.

With support for a multiple cycles of 'Plan-Do-Study-Act' validation, supported by out-of-the-box idea review and survey templates, smartcrowds manages your learnings and helps you make better decisions for the next validation cycle.

Better still, with smartcrowds' proven IMPact framework, your exploration process can benefit from 20+ years of systems-based thinking and real-world experience to get to the right decision faster.


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Support your planning with powerful anaylsis

Staff and customer feedback data is only as good as the outcomes that can be derived from it.

smartcrowds offers a variety of analysis tools and techniques with state of the art reporting technology, helping you delve into the collective intelligence of your crowds, spot and explore feedback trends, and identify previously hidden information.

With smartcrowds, your internal and external audience become an integral part of your innovation process, working with you to provide real insight and direction to your decision making process.