Idea Testing & Planning

Idea Testing and Planning

Make plans for new products & services safe in the knowledge that your top ideas match the real needs of your customers and prospects

Connected Feedback

A staggering 3 X slower income growth is experienced by organisations that fail to validate their ideation plans, and try to solve problems that don’t exist

smartcrowds powerful surveys make it easy to test and validate your ideas with the people that matter the most - helping you focus your effort, time and money on the right ideas at the right time


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Collective Panel Feedback

Collective and collaborative evaluation is often the best way to minimise mistakes during idea selection. 

Build a panel of experts from across your organisation, gathering scores and feedback on topics that individual experts are uniquely able to advise on. 

Before making that final decision, widen your feedback reach by extending your panel to everyone in your crowd, or to the outside world.  Using feedback from your target audience, you can be confident that your selected ideas will always hit the right mark.


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Powerful Feedback Anaylsis

Staff and customer feedback data is only as good as the outcomes that can be derived from it.

smartcrowds offers a variety of analysis tools and techniques with state of the art reporting technology, helping you delve into the collective intelligence of your crowds, spot and explore feedback trends, and identify previously hidden information.

With smartcrowds, your internal and external audience become an integral part of your innovation process, working with you to provide real insight and direction to your decision making process.


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Plan with confidence

Build your plans for change based on intelligent evidence.  

With smartcrowds’ planning tools, multiple planning workstreams can be created directly from your customer or staff idea feedback results, and can be organised to run sequentially or in parallel with one another.

With visibility of plans and progress available to all crowd members, your organisation can benefit from the collaborative input that that your talent-pool can provide, helping plans for improvement  to come to fruition more quickly and efficiently than before.