One-Day Innovation Audit


We believe that a healthy innovation system is one which delivers a strong, reliable flow of high-potential ideas all the way to full realisation. Our work with innovating organisations, however, has shown that many experience significant frustrations at what they see as a poor return from their innovation effort. To us, this points to an inefficient system – usually with relatively predictable blockage points which need to be identified and released for significantly better performance.

To help, we have developed a light-touch, but high-impact innovation system audit which reveals the real impediments to growth from innovation. This structured process will assess your approach against key interconnected factors and will provide you with a clear picture of where your system needs to improve to deliver sustainable innovation performance.

One-Day Innovation Audit

What’s Involved

In brief, the audit process consists of measures to assess and compare:

  • The quantity, quality, and value of ideas entering the pipeline, and which populate your ideas bank
  • Extent to which the wider workforce is engaged in support of innovation efforts
  • Methods used to assess and filter ideas into active projects
  • Your development methods and implications for the rate at which ideas can progress
  • Bottleneck dynamics – flow characteristics as ideas enter and leave recognised bottlenecks
  • Innovation structure – how responsibilities, decision-making, and available skills impact on progress
  • Key culture dimensions and tacit assumptions which will either accelerate or block idea progress

The audit is conducted by one of our of expert innovation consultants who will spend one-day with you on-site, informed by your responses to a preparation questionnaire. Our team will review sample documents – including currently documented ideas - and key performance data and will conduct a short series of interviews with people in key innovation-related roles.

Audit Output

We will produce an innovation-system audit report providing an objective assessment of your system and clearly highlighting leverage points for faster, more successful innovation.

Identify Likely Innovation Blockages

Following your audit, the key root causes of bottlenecks in your innovation process flow will be identified, with clear plans developed to both resolve your current blockages and to enable a strategy for a sustainable innovation process flow going forward.

Boost Confidence in your Innovation Programme

Our audit will help address any diminishing confidence that may be creeping into your innovation programme. By identifying skills, plans and methods that will deliver more successful innovation (supported by additional coaching where required) our audit can help rebuild the confidence that may have been lost along the way.

Help enlist & engage key stakeholders with improvement plans

Successful Innovation programmes require senior leadership support to succeed. By establishing a credible plan for taking your Innovation programme forward that is based on a structured and proven framework, the final audit report will act as a valuable resource to help you enlist the support of key stakeholders across the organisation.