Knowledge & Learning Management

Knowledge and Learning Management

Extend your organisational innovation capability with shared knowledge & repeatable, proven process

Review, Learn, Improve & Share

70% of organisations who practice Innovation regularly waste precious time and money by repeating the same mistakes over and over again

smartcrowds’ end-of-project processes support a continuous improvement culture  by tackling the key blockers that inhibit the next innovation challenge.  Look-back, learn, and manage your findings  



Look-Back and Learn

Avoiding repeat mistakes needn’t be a pipe-dream. 

Using smartcrowds’ 'look-back' features, retrospective review surveys can quickly be designed and distributed to drill-down into the campaign or project, helping you gain important team knowledge of what went well, and what didn’t go so well.

With desktop or mobile surveys that can be filled out via smartphones on-the go, and the ability to bring 3rd parties and suppliers into reviews, smartcrowds makes it easy to establish the effectiveness of your previous efforts.


Enable a joined up, repeatable approach

The key to sustainable organisational innovation is the adoption of a reliable and repeatable process.

With a process design that has been honed over 20+ years to work efficiently across all parts of an organisation, smartcrowds’ IMPact framework facilitates the spread of innovation capability from early adopting teams to all parts of the business.

IMPact instils a ‘process-first’ design to Innovation initiatives, helping your Innovation Challenge teams create a joined up picture that supports decision making at all key points in the innovation journey.


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Share Your Lessons

With auto-creation and publication of Lessons Learned reports, the entire crowd can benefit from the investment that has been made in the look-back process.

Through sharing of things that “went well”, “went not so well” and “went badly”, all users can help ensure that effective processes develop and continue, poor processes are fixed or improved, and zero-value processes are stopped – saving valuable time, money and effort across the organisation.


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Improve with Knowledge

With a fully searchable knowledge-base covering all ideas, assessments, plans, actions and outcomes, smartcrowds makes it easy for organisations to access important information from past campaigns.

To aid with the organisational learning process, the system goes a stage further, prompting a review of previous campaign learnings when setting up the next one – keeping past experience and lessons learned at the forefront of everyone’s mind and giving the next campaign the best possible chance of success.