smartcrowds Pulse Product Features

smartcrowds Pulse Product Features

smartcrowds Pulse is packed with features that make it easy to reach out to your audience, gather and gauge sentiment, and deliver meaningful improvement outcomes with confidence.

Take a look at our great features below!

Quick Response Sentiment Surveys

Single or Multi-question Surveys

Out-of-the-box Response Optioins (Emoticons etc)

Customisable Response Options

Response Option Scoring

Timed Responses Option

Survey Scheduling

Multiple Published Surveys in Parallel

Super-User Survey Override (Interrupt Schedules)

Publish Different Surveys to Different Crowds

Crowd Builder Function

Anonymous Responses

Unlimited Questions

Unlimited Surveys

Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop Survey Delivery

Kiosk Option

24/7 Availaibility

Crowd Announcements & Communications 


Powerful Feedback Analysis & Exploration 

Alert Configuration

Alert Received Notifications (In-app and Email)

Embedded Power BI Reporting

Pulse Dashboard

Out-of-the-box Reports

Powerful Response Data Exploration (Drill up/down/across/filter)

Export Reporting Data (CSV/Excel)

Reporting Data API



Change & Improvement Enablement 

Alert Group Configuration

Alert Group 'Follow'

Auto Alert Creation and Assignment 

Alert Assessment / Workflow

Rectification Plans

Task/Action Assignment & Tracking

Progress Update Recording

Outcome Recording and Sharing

Document Library

Upgrade option to smartcrowds Innovation Management