smartcrowds Pulse

React & improve faster with immediate staff & customer feedback

Extending on the benefits of the survey capabilities of smartcrowds®, smartcrowds® Pulse allows organisations to capture and respond to instant feedback from employees and customers. Using a one-touch graphical interface deployed in either a kiosk, smartphone or desktop browser format, Pulse surveys support instant response alerting, avoiding those lost or missed opportunities to respond to the instant feedback being received.

smartcrowds® Pulse allows for customised questions and simple customisable icon-based answers that can be created quickly and published instantly. Staff or customers respond anonymously using any end-user device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile) and receive immediate feedback of the survey results so far.

React & improve faster with immediate staff & customer feedback

Reach out faster, further and more often to your workforce and customers;  learn  from their sentiment to help you react to concerns, risks and opportunites before the crucial moment is missed

smartcrowds® Pulse makes it easy to bring your workforce and customers right into the start of your improvement and innovation process using sentiment-based fast resposne questions that tackle your most pressing business issues 

Quick Response Sentiment Surveys

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Extend your Engagement Reach

smartcrowds® Pulse is an always-on finger on the Pulse of your employees and customers, giving you the opportunity to ask regular, specific & time sensitive questions on topics that are high on the agenda.

With single or multi-questions per survey, a range of out-of-the box or configurable response sets, timed responses and optional 'results so far' charts following survey completion, smartcrowds® Pulse makes it easy to connect with the whole company, or with distinct groups of users with questions that are specific to each group. 

Flexible question scheduling enables surveys to kick-start at pre-defined points in the future, and the powerful admin override function makes it easy for super-users to interupt pulse schedules with questions that need an urgent response from everyone.  

smartcrowds® Pulse works great as a kiosk solution to engage with customers at public locations and visitor experiences.  For the workplace, smartcrowds® Pulse makes it easy to engage with employees with an increased regularity that goes beyond the normal survey schedule - engaging with employees in traditionally hard to reach environments such as factory floors and construction sites. 

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Reacting to emerging situations effectively requires access to immediate feedback that is always available, easy to consume, and designed from the outset to drive actionable insights

smartcrowds Pulse® puts you in the driving seat, with immediate alerts and powerful data exploration tools that help you get ahead of the game before risks turn into problems

Powerful Feedback Analysis & Exploration

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Learn and React at Speed

smartcrowds® Pulse delivers a powerful blend of immediate and near real-time feedback of customer and workforce sentiment. 

Using flexible pulse 'alert' configuration, surveys can be set to trigger instant notifications where positive or negative response thresholds have been breached within any selected time period.  Coupled with assignment, tracking and management of pulse alerts through to closure, smartcrowds® Pulse helps organisations ensure that they can initiate rapid remedial action plans to alleviate issues that employees or customers are experiencing at a precise moment in time.

A powerful set of pulse response analytics makes it easy for business leaders to obtain an instant birds-eye view of sentiment across all pulse questions, and easily drill down and across the data to discover actionable insights that will mitigate against future problems, or take advantage of emerging opportunities at the earliest possible point.

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Sentiment knowledge without action equals an empty improvement promise.  Effective follow-through is a must for the improving, caring and forward-thinking organisation   

smartcrowds® Pulse has been designed from the ground up to ensure that change and improvement happens.  No hiding, no excuses - simply better outcomes for employees and customers

Change & Improvement Enablement

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Drive Improvement and Outcomes

Like all smartcrowds® feedback channels, smartcrowds® Pulse has been designed to fully integrate into the structured but flexible smartcrowds® feedback-to-outcome process.

Email and in-application notifications of new Pulse alerts enables managers to react immediately to repeated threshold breaches of negative or positive responses. Using smartcrowds powerful assessment framework, the extent of the issue or opportunity can quickly be assessed and managed, and a plan for remedial, corrective or improvement action put in place.  

With assignment of tasks and actions to the people who are best placed to make change happen, recording and tracking of progress being made and management and sharing of the eventual outcome, smartcrowds® Pulse helps organisations  ensure that change actually does happen, delivering improved outcomes for employees and customers.

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