smartcrowds Product Features

smartcrowds Product Features

Both smartcrowds Ideas and smartcrowds Innovation Management are packed with features that make it easy to easy to connect with your audience, crowdsource great ideas, identify those with the most potential, and deliver meaningful outcomes with confidence.

Take a look at our great features below!

Staff and customer engagement

Staff, Customer & Stakeholder Engagement

(smartcrowds Ideas and smartcrowds Innovation Management)

Discoverable, Private and Open Crowds

Dedicated User Homepages

Crowd & Challenge Microsites

Mission & Objective Communication

Challenge Creation & Posting

Supporting Videos and Documents

Featured Ideas and Challenges

Content Creation & Promotion (Case Studies etc)

Idea, Group and People Leaderboards

Announcements & Communications

Activity Feed

Activity Notifications

Deadline Reminders

Email / Calendar Integration

Mobility/Cross Device Support

Engagement Surveys

Reactions, Follows & Mentions

Configurable email templates

Engagement Analytics & Reporting 


Idea Management

Idea Management

(smartcrowds Ideas and smartcrowds Innovation Management)

Idea Stimulus Posting & Browsing

Anonymous Submission option

Moderation Workflow

Find Duplicates

Idea Teams

Idea Document Library

Discussion Threads

Reactions, Follows & Mentions



Idea Surveys

Automated or Manual Assessment Requests

Idea Scoring & Comparison

Out-of-the box and Custom Data Entry Forms

Out-of-the box and Custom Workflows

Shortlisting & Selection

Idea Closure Communication

Idea Analytics & Reporting


Idea Testing and Planning

Idea Exploration, Testing & Planning

(smartcrowds Innovation Management)

Idea Testing/Feedback Surveys

Stage-Gate Exploration Workflows

Flexible Exploration Workflows

Exploration Teams

Exploration Plans

Task Assignment & Tracking

Task Progress Updates

Exploration Findings

Document Library

Discussion Threads

Idea Exploration Analytics & Reporting


Work and Project Management

Task, Project & Portfolio Management

(smartcrowds Innovation Management)

Project Teams

Project Planning/Stages

Project Task Assignment & Tracking

Task Progress Updates

Project Stage Outcomes

Document Library

Project Discussion Threads

Project  Reporting

Gantt Chart Project Tracking

Gantt Chart Portfolio Tracking


Knowledge and Learning Management

Knowledge & Learning Management

 (smartcrowds Innovation Management)

 End of Project / Retrospective Surveys

Anonymous Responses Option

Internal and External Recipients

Public URL Survey Option

Setup/Manage Review Meetings

Response Analysis 

AI Response Keyword & Sentiment Analysis*

Survey Learnings and Plan-of-Action Recording 

Task Assignment & Tracking

Outcomes Management

Full-text Knowledge-Base Search

End-of-Project / Retrospective Summary Report

Embedded Power BI Reporting & Data Exploration


* Upgrade Option