smartcrowds Ideas

Solve real buisness problems with more, diverse ideas

smartcrowds Ideas is an easy to use, flexible cloud solution that helps organisations rapidly crowdsource diverse solutions and ideas for their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

smartcrowds Ideas takes the complexity out of idea crowdsourcing using a set of out-of the-box idea challenge templates and common organisational crowd structures that can be easily and rapidly customised for publication to the people who know your products and services best - your intrapreneurs (employees) and extrapreneurs (customers/partners/suppliers)

Our unique approach helps stimulate diverse thinking from idea contributors, increasing the likelihood of identifying genuine breakthroughs, and the structured idea evaluation framework - closely aligned with your organisation priorities - helps ensure that ideas that are progressed make a direct contribution to the organisation’s success.

With all the familiar tools expected of a modern social collaborative platform, delivered on the cloud with 24/7 availability on any device, smartcrowds Ideas makes it easy for everyone to get involved in the conversation, get their voice heard, and make a contribution no matter how large or small.

smartcrowds Idea Management

Tap into customer or staff sentiment to establish their biggest pain points or most important wants and needs, and launch campaigns and initiatives to translate their input into great ideas and solutions

smartcrowds makes it easy to connect with your crowds - customers, employees, expert groups, or any crowd you need - democrotising innovation and empowering your people

Staff, Customer & Stakeholder Engagement

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Connect, Engage & Crowdsource Great Ideas

smartcrowds makes it easy to create and publish new innovation challenges, departmental idea groups, product & service hackathons and a range of other idea submission initiatives to tap into the creative knowledge of your own unique Crowds.

With support for internal, external and mixed Crowds, and powerful Crowd browsing and membership options, smartcrowds makes it easy to build communities that are optimised to help you solve your strategic innovation priorities.

Out-of-the-box support for full innovation surveys extends your reach further still, providing insight from front-line staff and customers on the highest priority issues and opportunities based on first-hand experience of your products & services.

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Innovation needs a safe space to flourish, with a collaborative and open approach that encourages and supports the whole organisation to think outside of its' normal constraints

smartcrowds’ unique Ideation toolset encourages everyone to practice disruptive thinking, fuelling the brain to maximise the likelihood of genuine breakthrough idea generation

Idea Management

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Nurture, Develop & Evaluate

smartcrowds intuitive user interface simplifies the sourcing of diverse submissions to your focused challenges and campaigns.  Its unique Ideation toolset helps organisations optimise the innovation funnel with more high-impact and potentially breakthrough ideas. 

The familiar 'social' framework provides a collaborative, open environment that enables your crowds to work together to solve problems and develop and nurture initial ideas into viable solutions and products. 

Popular social features such as reactions, follows, mentions and discussion threads gives everyone in the organisation the opportunity to get involved and make difference to the outcome of any idea. 

Close alignment between business objectives and idea assessment measures creates a fair, consistent and repeatable idea evaluation process in which all progressed ideas always contribute meaningfully to the strategic objectives of the organisation.

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Compare smartcrowds editions

smartcrowds is available in 2 editions: smartcrowds Innovation Management and smartcrowds Idea Management

To find out more about the differences between editions, view our edition comparision below.

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