IMPact™ - a proven Innovation Management Process

Build innovation into your organisation’s DNA with our IMPact™ System

Nobody needs to be convinced of the need for continuous innovation to stay competitive and transform how we add value for our customers and stakeholders. Delivering successful innovation continually, repeatedly, and reliably, however, requires an elusive alignment of a number of factors. Unless your organisation’s culture, systems, and management practice truly connect and enable innovation, then the result will be a series of invisible barriers which few ideas with real potential will survive. This is what our Innovation Management Process (IMPact™) is all about.

Build innovation into your organisation’s DNA with our IMPact System

A proven systems-based approach to innovation management

IMPact™ is an integral part of smartcrowds® innovation management platform. The method has been developed through experience, ideas and advice from leading innovation practitioners creating innovative products and service with thousands of hours and hundreds of projects in every industry sector.

smartcrowds® IMPact™ system integrates 20+ years of real-world learning to deliver an end-to-end system that injects pace, momentum, and excitement around your organisation’s innovation efforts. IMPact™ effectively breaks down the blockages that stops the flow of good ideas through to successful implementation and the realisation of real value.

IMPact™ draws on systems theory and a deep understanding of key behavioural dimensions associated with successful innovation including resistance to change, managing risk, and organisational learning.

Accelerate Productive Innovation Contribution

Accelerate Productive Innovation Contribution

Implementing our IMPact™ provides a step change in how your people will engage with innovation and thereby a step change in your innovation success. The system provides tools and methods that help everyone understand what innovation success looks like at each stage of the process from ideation to implementation and launch.

Overcome Resistance to Change

Overcome Resistance to Change

IMPact™ and smartcrowds® makes it simple for all in the organisation to take the next step, whatever stage they are in the process. Most importantly, IMPact™ boosts confidence for all that they are doing the right thing and that they can be successful generating and developing new ideas that will make a real difference.

Embed a Sustainable, Widespread Innovation Culture

Embed a Sustainable, Widespread Innovation Culture

IMPact and smartcrowds together bring innovation to the front of mind for everyone in the organisation. The powerful combination of enabling technology and easy-to-use methods drives a pro-active culture of ongoing innovation. More people, generating and implementing more ideas, leading to more improvement, more often.

Free your Innovation process from blockage points

Many organisations experience frustration at the poor return from their innovation effort. To us, this points to an inefficient system – with predictable blockage points

smartcrowds’ integrated 7 Point IMPact Plan tackles the blockages with proven solutions.

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