Staff & Customer Enagagement

Staff and customer engagement

Widen your reach & uncover more, high impact ideas

Connect your crowds & enrich your idea pipeline

Tap into customer or staff sentiment to establish their biggest pain points or most important wants and needs, and launch campaigns and initiatives to translate their input into great ideas and solutions

smartcrowds makes it easy to connect with your crowds - customers, employees, expert groups, or any crowd you need - democrotising innovation and empowering your people


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Connect with your audience

Not sure what your biggest product problems are?  Don’t know what service-lines your customers really want?  Wondering why your staff aren’t motivated?

With smartcrowds, you don’t need to guess. 

By connecting with and surveying your target audience, you can enhance your brand loyalty and gain vital feedback data in one fell swoop - revealing more than you ever imagined about your staff or customers’ perceptions of your processes, products and services.


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Extend your networks

Effective engagement and collaboration stems from highly connected networks.

smartcrowds makes each user’s unique crowd network instantly searchable, enabling connections to be seamlessly created and ideas and concepts to form and develop between both like-minded people and individuals with a diverse range or experiences and skills.  

Spot trend setters on the crowd and group leaderboards, and follow their activity for inspiration and learning.


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Learn from Collective Intelligence

The collective intelligence of your customer, prospect and staff communities can tell you everything you need to know in your search for the next big thing.

smartcrowds provides the tools to organise, analyse and evaluate sentiment and opinion – making the Voice of the Customer (VoC) or Employee (VoE) loud and clear, and helping you paint a more complete picture of the key issues, challenges and opportunities for your organisation. 

Use the knowledge gained to launch your next ideation campaigns, targeted specifically at finding solutions to the key challenges that you have now uncovered.    


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Empower your People

Engagement requires more than a platform for collaboration alone – improvement is borne from the spread of organisational knowledge.

smartcrowds' powerful social feeds keep the important information flowing, informing your crowds about the latest ideas and proposals, plans for change, new processes, and upcoming product launches - all within a fully searchable framework.

New activity discussion threads and notifications enable users to stay involved at all points from the initial seed of an idea right through to implementation, empowering employees to help shape the future of their organisation. 


Celebrate & Encourage

Celebrate your Innovation successes with everyone in your crowd.

Prepare and share case studies on recently implemented innovations, showcasing the top ideas that have helped the organisation meet its key objectives.

Use activity leader boards to gamify and encourage participation.  Recognise and reward input from your crowds on a regular basis.