Work & Project Management

Work and Project Management

Reach your goals faster with efficient tracking of project plans and actions

Keep it in one place with smartcrowds tasks

3 out of 5 organisations suffer a crippling inability to translate their best ideas into completed tasks, work packages and projects, rendering the Innovation process unproductive and ineffective

WIth smartcrowds' integrated action and task tracking, users stay focused on the task at hand, and managers keep their fingers on the pulse - getting more Innovation outcomes over the finish line, more of the time  


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Make Change Happen

Ensure that plans for change turn into expected outcomes by assigning dedicated actions to the people who can make change happen.

With multiple action reminder features including Homepage TO DO lists, action assignment notifications and overdue action emails, smartcrowds ensures that there are no excuses for teams not knowing what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.


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Instant Progress Updates

With smartcrowds, losing track of the progress of Innovation actions is a thing of the past. 

With one-click access from notifications, emails, overdue notifications and news feeds, users are able to record progress that has been made quickly and efficiently, instantly sharing their progress with colleagues and managers alike. 

Not able to complete an action because it’s someone else’s area of speciality? – no problem, smartcrowds empowers users to get the job done by re-assigning work to most appropriate person. 

Plan & Track Work

Achieving outcomes in Innovation processes relies on plans and associated work coming together at the right time. 

smartcrowds gives managers all the tools they need to track and manage actions that are assigned to others using a combination of easy to use screens, timely alert notifications and powerful reports  

For further flexibility, smartcrowds offers API connectivity to Programme and Project Management solutions, enabling organisations to manage projects using their own preferred tools, whilst tracking workstream progress in smartcrowds


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Complete Actions Faster

Established knowledge shows that the best Ideas flourish and develop with collaborative input. 

Less well known is that action collaboration is no different.

smartcrowds helps organisations drive participative improvement through the sharing of action progress with crowd members in the constantly updating Activity Feed - enabling staff to use their experience and expertise from across the organisation to help colleagues complete tasks more efficiently via action discussion threads.